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Elite Athlete project

For reasons that will become obvious, I can only now share with you the latest exciting developments for Dan Bailey Catering!  I have just completed an amazing new Elite Athlete project with James Collins  a respected Elite Sports Nutritionist and author of The Energy Plan and Omar Meziane, Executive Chef of Harlequins Rugby Union Football Team and the England Team of the Football Association, and with James Haskell, is Co-Author of the book Cooking for Fitness.

The excitement about the Spice Girls tour is palpable, and I became the personal chef to my favourite Spice Girl, Melanie Chisholm, AKA Sporty Spice!  Melanie is a dedicated professional and took every element of planning and preparation for the tour to heart and with great gusto!  It’s no secret that Melanie is a talented and athletic all-around sports enthusiast, but to achieve maximum benefit from fitness, nutrition pays an equally critical part of wellness.  Preparing enjoyable and appetising on-the-go to help Melanie eat 3 meals and snacks per day, to exacting quality standards and nutritionally complete is very challenging to say the least.  Melanie was clear in what she wanted to personally achieve in her weight and leanness to ensure her own optimum performance, and I had to help her get there.  The meant completely reigning in the ‘Fine Dining Chef’ approach and I needed to consider taste/flavour preferences and the appropriate use of certain ingredients that protected not just energy performance but protected her voice.  

It was thrilling delivering for such an exciting and lovely client, and Melanie achieved her goals and was thoroughly ready to entertain her millions of fans.  My last message from Melanie before she went on tour is amazing! “Hey Dan, It’s been brilliant, I never want to feed myself again!  Thank you so much, you’ve been brilliant.  I know where you are if I need you!”

How’s that for Spicing up my life!  Dan Bailey Catering Limited, personal Chef to Melanie Chisholm!

Melanie Chisholm, AKA Sporty Spice!

Melanie Chisholm, AKA Sporty Spice!